Custom products

T.K.T. Cosyfoam have two, state of the art, Horizontal and Vertical plane CNC machines. These machines allow us to cut very complex shapes into foam, from a Lion, a 2m high Incredible Hulk figure, a racing car, to various diameter solid cylinders.

The CNC machines have a built in CAD package, but if you only have a physical template, we can convert it, using a 1.22m by 0.92m Digital Drawing board which is linked to our internal network.

Where you may require hundreds (or thousands) of a particular shape cut into sheet foam, we can produce a die matching your specification and use one of 3 hydraulic presses to cut the shapes for you (such as the below).

Most of the foam that we stock is in the form of blocks which are around 2.4m long by 2m wide and around 1.1m high, but our gluing booth allows us to fabricate shapes that are in excess of the foam block dimensions, so please do not feel restricted.

Cosyfoam have the ability to fabricate custom mattresses, or foam toppers to fit any size bed, be it standard single, double, king size, super king size, or a completely bespoke size, based upon the bed frame that you have.

We work with a number of manufacturers who produce specialised postural support for adults and children; the shaping of the foam products that these Customers require, can be complex and need to be cut to fine tolerances. TKT Cosyfoam have the expertise and skills to enable us to produce these products to a consistently high standard.

A number of our Customers refurbish unusual items, such as classic bus and car seating, or abstract furniture, where the original product may have been made in a mould. Our skilled craftsmen are able to cut, shape and glue foam, in order to replicate the original perfectly.

Please do not give up on something because it appears to be too hard, or too complex to produce…. Just give us a call and discuss your requirements – You may be surprised about we are able to do!