TKT Cosyfoam have been working with leading producers of upholstery products for over 40 years. As a result of the experience gained over this period, we have the tools, materials and more importantly, the people and the skills, to transform your design concept into a high quality finished item.

We manufacture a wide range of bespoke and high-volume items for the furniture production and refurbishment sectors, as well as smaller producers and the general public.

The experience of the staff at TKT Cosyfoam, means that if you wish, we are able to offer assistance to customers who are looking to produce something that is a little bit different from their usual product lines. or in potentially enhancing your existing product. We can offer advice on the type of foam density to be used for a particular purpose, as well as the shape, size, or thickness. We work collaboratively with designers, and through discussion and prototyping, ensure that the finished item matches specification, is of high quality and is fit for purpose. If you produce a chair, sofa, bar seating, or other articles in large quantities, we can create a pack containing all of the pieces of foam required for each individual item.

We are equally happy to take a customer’s template and cut an item, in the foam that they specify.

We have a glue booth on site, which means that we can ‘fabricate’ bar seating, chair seats, chair backs and mattresses, by gluing together foams of differing densities and shape them to a given profile.

We can reproduce existing upholstery products, such as sofa seating cushions, scatter cushions, bar seating etc. If you are refreshing a single seat, sofa, or building, with foam or fibre products, please contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements.