At T.K.T Cosyfoam, we believe that delivering great service is about taking the time to work very closely with our customers, develop partnerships, understand specific needs and requirements, and then deliver on them.

The company operates within many sectors, which often have very defined ways of working and tight delivery timescales. It is important to us that we can fulfil customer orders on time, and that the products we produce, match customer specifications, consistently.

The team has expertise born from many different industries. Our design team can offer you their help, insight and experience, as often, it is not easy to express a design to a third party, or visualise how it could be made – they will also detail any manufacturing limitations (if any).

Please take the time to review the content of the website and discover what T.K.T. Cosyfoam could possibly do for you – let us know what you need from us, and we will get back to you. We will always aim to exceed your expectations.