T.K.T. Cosyfoam work with a variety of packaging companies and SME’s, producing innovative solutions to their packaging needs. If you want to send fragile items in the post, hold multiple parts securely within the same box, stack large manufactured items safely within a load space , or safely package complicated parts individually, please make T.K.T. Cosyfoam your first port of call.


The ‘egg box’ profiling as shown, can be cut in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and foam densities, according to your individual needs. It may also be used in an environment where sound proofing is required.

This example shows a customer request to package an item in such a way, that it may be protected from damage whilst in transit, but angled to allow easier inspection upon delivery, without removing the item completely from the box.





The packaging solution shown to the left, protects high value taps and fittings whilst in transit and storage.





We are able to produce complex packaging solutions, to a consistently high standard.

TKT Cosyfoam work in conjunction with Customers, to ensure that a finished product matches their requirements. Prototyping and any required changes, can be carried out quickly and easily, using our CNC machines.