Fibre and Foam fill products

T.K.T Cosyfoam can supply all of your fibre needs, whether it be manufacturing, or refurbishing a sofa, pillows, scatter cushions, or premier quilting.

The Fibre machines comb the fibre, prior to filling the item in question – this gives a superior loft to the product. Integrated scales ensure that consistent fill weight is achieved. We can manufacture a fibre fill product to any size and fill weight.




Pillows and Cushions

Just as the mattress selections, we can offer you a similarly massive choice regarding pillows!

In addition to the different densities of foam offered for mattresses, we can fill your pillows with differing weights of fibre fill. The choice is entirely up to you.

Fibre fill pillows are filled with hollow fibre enclosed in a 60% polyester/40% cotton cover, however, heavier gauge poly/cotton is available, dependent upon your preferences.

We can fill Fibre pillows to a wide variety of weights – the fibre machines have a built in scale to ensure accurate, consistent weight fill, every time.


Memory Foam Pillows

Comprising of a memory foam crumb enclosed in a quilted cover, 60% polyester/40% cotton.  These pillows are also available with a luxury coral cover, which is a 100% Polyester stretch knitted fabric.